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Weightlifting vs. Cardio: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

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Weightlifting vs. Cardio: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

Is weightlifting more effective than cardio for weight loss, or vice versa? It’s a question we've all asked. Fortunately, certain members of the fitness community have put their heads together to shed light on what’s what with the matter. Clarity’s just around the corner but before we dive on in, we’ll note that we’re going to give both weightlifting and cardio pros and cons—from there, the choice is yours on how you shape future workout routines.

Calorie Burning

Weight training encourages a boost in your metabolism, and can last long as 36 hours after the workout. Consider a scenario in which you go to the gym, get that lift on, and afterwards spend your afternoon reading a nice book under the gaze of a hot sun. Usually you’d sit there and maybe burn 50 calories; with weight lifting factored in, you’re now burning as much as an additional 10 calories to make it 60 calories total. This might seem like a minimal positive side effect, but consider how many extra sets of 10 calories you’re looking at burning for the next 36 hours!

Whereas, with cardio-focused workouts you’re maybe looking at burning an additional 40 to 80 calories post workout, and for a much shorter period of time at that. To burn the same amount of calories from cardio as you would weight lifting would require you to tack on some seriously lengthy runs.

The Fat and Muscle Difference

Ask yourself what it is you're looking for when you say your aim is to lose weight. With running on a regular basis, you will lose weight but ultimately end up losing muscle as well to look like a smaller version of your original self. That’s fine, but if you’re more interested in building your physique, we recommend you focus on weight lifting. To elaborate, look into resistance training workouts and combine them with a hyper-calorie diet—you’ll have a better chance at shedding excess body fat while retaining your natural curves.

Hormonal Changes

There's a hormonal environment difference between weight lifting and cardio. If you’re looking for a slimmer and toned stomach we recommend you focus on weight lifting instead of running. When you perform cardio, your body releases cortisol, which promotes lean muscle loss, so you do lose weight, but that also can result in more fat piling up around your abdominal region. When you lift weights ,you’re putting your body in an anabolic state, which is the opportune condition to bulk-gain muscle mass.

Scientific Evidence

Look quickly at a study released by a team of researches from Duke, in which groups were tested for weight loss based on cardio routines vs. lifting/strength training routines. The results published conclude that while weight lifting built muscle, it didn't encourage weight loss. What’s more is the study found that cardio workouts took about half the time the other kinds of workouts took, but were just as beneficial.

We’ve provided you a lot of information on the attached benefits or the pros and cons between weight lifting and cardio, and what the two forms of exercise can do for weight loss. The choice is yours from here on out. If you’re looking to remold that physique, stick to the weights. If you’re looking to lose some lean muscle, and effectually cut weight, hit the treadmill!

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