25-Minute Tabata Workout Challenge

Nov 30, 2016 //

No time to work out? Nonsense!

You can squeeze in a great workout in a relatively short amount of time by incorporating Tabatas into your routine.

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This HIIT-style bodyweight workout is incredible simple, but extremely effective. For this routine, you’ll do each exercise for 20 seconds (really give it your all!), then rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next one. Check out the video above to make sure you’re doing all the moves correctly and with proper form.

Once you’re done all the moves in order, rest up for a full minute before repeating the circuit two more times for a complete workout.

25-Minute Tabata Workout Challenge


Jumping jacks (20 sec)
Burpee (20 sec)
Jump squats (20 sec)
Fast feet (20 sec)
Push-ups (20 sec)
Mountain climber (20 sec)
Single-leg burpee (20 sec)
Single-leg burpee (20 sec)
Shadow boxing (20 sec)
Wall sit (20 sec)
Cross jacks (20 sec)
Side lunges (20 sec)
Single-leg dumbbell deadlifts (20 sec)
Single-leg dumbbell deadlifts (20 sec)
Jump squats (20 sec)

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