10 Amazing Reasons To Hit The Sauna After Your Workout

Jan 5, 2017 //

Get ready to sweat! Found at many commercial gyms and spas, saunas are a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, and the perfect way to cool down and relax after a hard workout.

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The word, “sauna” comes from ancient Finland, referring to a traditional Finnish cabin or building constructed for bathing, designed to heal and renew. And sweating, no matter how you do it, is good for you. The heat from a sauna raises core body temperature, allowing blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow.

After a particularly gruelling workout, there’s nothing like a hot sauna session to ease sore muscles and melt your troubles away. Ahhh. 

A total time of 15 minutes is all it takes to reap the following sauna health benefits.

1. Put A Cap On Colds

Achoo! Avoid colds by enjoying a regular sauna. The high temperatures help kill viruses and germs, and when used regularly, you are less likely to catch the common cold.

2. Chemical Detox

Most of us do not sweat throughout the day sitting sedentary at our desks. But human beings were made to work and sweat; it’s good for our skin. Sauna heat raises our core temperature, stimulating our sweat glands, and making us perspire, resulting in environmental toxins and free radicals being flushed from our bodies. It is detoxification at its best.

3. Get Some Zzzzzzs

If you have insomnia, check with your health care professional about the benefits of a weekly sauna. Make time for a 15-minute session before your evening shower and bedtime. Studies indicate that the heat from the sauna will help you to relax and sleep like a baby.

4. Sidestep Stress

As the sauna increases blood flow and circulation, it also helps you distress and relax. Like exercise, perspiring releases endorphins, a natural chemical in your body that makes you feel happy and content.

5. Relieve Joint And Muscle Discomfort

If you suffer from joint pain or muscle strain, a sauna should be on your to-do list! People who suffer from arthritis and body aches will find relief at the sauna. Due to increased blood circulation, the body naturally soothes areas of discomfort.

6. Skin Renewal

Everyone is searching for the Fountain of Youth. Possibly, it could be hiding in the sauna! Time in a sauna is an ancient beauty formula. It cleanses the skin/pores through deep sweating, removing dead skin cells. New skin cells are created, giving you a healthy glow.

7. Heart Healthy

When body temperature rises and blood vessels dilate, heart rate increases. Heating up and cooling down requires your heart to ‘workout’ and become strong. A regular sauna regime will help regulate the cardiovascular system, which is almost comparable to the same results of moderate exercise.

8. Zap Calories

If you are looking for an easy way to zap 300 calories in one setting, then hit the sauna. The heat from the sauna increases heart rate and overall bodily activity, burning calories. We all know that we need energy to create sweat. When we sweat we burn calories.

9. Feel The Sensation

Everyone wants to feel invigorated and revived. Saunas make us feel good – from the inside out. Paired with a massage, there are only a handful (well, maybe two handfuls) of activities that provide a titillating sensation.

10. Relationship Retreat

A sauna is a great meeting place for a girl’s (or guy’s) day/night out! Bring a few gal pals along for a private, communal place to connect and unwind together.

After Your Sauna:

  • Breathe fresh air to cool your respiratory tract and restore oxygen levels.
  • Take a cold shower, hot foot bath or massage, then you can return to the sauna for another 15 minutes of pore-cleansing sweat.
  • Remember not to eat a heavy meal prior to your sauna, but make sure you have eaten and are hydrated.
  • Do not enter the sauna if you have a serious illness or infection.
  • Experts suggest that you avoid alcohol and nicotine while in the sauna.
  • Do not wear contact lenses, jewelry, or anything valuable.

When you are through with your sauna, take time to reflect and enjoy all of the benefits. Take a shower, towel dry and apply your favourite moisturizer to keep skin feeling soft and smooth. Enjoy!