Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Dec 8, 2016 //

Finding the perfect holiday gift can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to impress a health-and-fitness buff. So what do you get your health-conscious friend or family member, aside from a FitBit?

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Healthful items and services for your loved ones can be the most rewarding gifts of all. Here are 20 healthy gift ideas that are sure to impress even the pickiest person on your list.

Make-Your-Own Kombucha Kit


Kombucha is a fermented tea that promises a multitude of health benefits while adding a kick of caffeine. Its effervescence is supremely satisfying and great for people who find yogurt unpalatable, as its chockfull of probiotics. For the Kambucha enthusiast, a home brewing kit may be just be the ticket.

Organic Beauty Products


Eating right and exercising are just two parts of the fountain-of-youth-puzzle. By investing in quality beauty products that are eco-friendly, you’re not only doing the environment a favour, but you’re doing your skin a favour, too., The Body Shop and Lush are just a few Canadian beauty stores that carry green beauty products.

Healthy Recipe Books


A great diet is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle, and the best way to eat well is to cook your own meals at home. Thankfully, there are thousands of recipe books out there to cater to anyone’s specific dietary needs, whether they’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or paleo. A recipe book is the perfect addition to any healthy eater’s kitchen shelf.

Soy Candles


Soy candles are far less toxic than traditional wax. When your looking for the perfect scent, make sure you check the ingredients first.

Nifty Kitchen Gadgets


It’s much easier to achieve quality health-conscious cooking in the kitchen with the right tools. Is someone on your list a juicer or a baker? Find the right appliance in your price range that will fit their needs and give them the gift of good health at home. Some ideas include a spiralizer, a Nutribullet or Vitamix, a slow cooker or a Sodastream!

Mindfulness Training Tools


From online video resources and apps to the myriad books available in traditional and e-reader form; learning basic meditation and wellness techniques not only improves mental clarity but enhances our overall quality of life and peace of mind. It’s a gift that continually gives.

Unique Fitness Classes


This one is obvious, but oh-so smart. Give your loved one a fitness class or package of classes to try, such as hot yoga or spinning. For the adventurous fitness buff, consider an unusual class, like rock climbing or Surf Set, to get them (and you!) out of their comfort zone. Better yet, pick an activity and take the leap together — you’ll both be glad that you did.

Monthly Health Delivery


There are plenty of services these days that send healthy options directly to our door every month. From vitamins, to wholesome snacks and even boxes that are “good for the soul,” there is something for everybody.  and it’s as easy as the buzz of their doorbell to receive. Got a friend who loves to eat healthy, but doesn’t have time to meal plan? A subscription to a service like Fuel Foods, Chef’s Revolution, or Chef’s Plate is guaranteed to be well recieved.

Fair Trade, Organic, And Non-GMO Goods


It’s not just about what we eat, it’s about how it’s sourced and what the food’s components are made from. There are so many better options for traditional pantry items — a lovely organic coconut oil option for cooks, or premium fair trade coffee beans, for example. Expanding horizons will not only improve health, but also increase mindfulness in eating.

Natural Clothing Items


Organic clothing and faux leather is all the rage and the options are not as ‘crunchy’ or uncomfortable as they used to be. Find fabrics that are equitable to the earth for sustainability that suits even the finest fashion sense.

Cleanse Programs


There are a lot of DIY-health programs out there that encourage a reboot of our digestive system to promote optimal health (perfect for after the holidays). Do some research on what meets your loved one’s needs and price range, and opt for a juicing or cleanse program that appeals to both of you. That way, you can even plan to do it together in the New Year!

Organic Alcohol


If you’ve got someone fond of the drink, there are healthier options out there. From gin and vodka to beers and wines, your local liquor store now stocks more organic alcoholic products than ever before. Take a look! 

Workout Gear


It’s much easier to get motivated to hit the gym if you’re wearing clothes you feel good in. For gear that’s as fashionable as it is practical, try savvy retailers like Soul Cycle, Lululemon, Affinity and more — gift cards are also a great way to help boost a workout wardrobe.

Motivational Reading Materials


Ask your recipient what they’re interested in: Eastern wisdom, new-age mantras, whatever they fancy. Find a title or two that meets their desires and give them the gift of enhanced consciousness this season.

Plastic-Free Water Bottles And Infusers


BPA is bad and it’s prevalent in more items that you think. Knowing what products are made of is ultra-important to optimal health. Always look for plastic products and the like that are BPA free. Staying hydrated is essential for great health, so why not make it easy with a water infuser? H20 is so much more palatable with a hit of citrus, and it’s much healthier than sugary, store-bought concoctions.

Green Cleaning Products


Finding the right home cleaning products that are also eco-friendly can be difficult. Try resources like Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company or Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day as a great way to get started on a budget.

House Plants


Plants that will last, like succulents or orchids, are a cheery, lovely gift that can spruce up anyone’s home. Succulents in particular are ultra low-maintenance desert plants, which makes them a great guilt-free option for even the least attentive waterer.

The best gifts you can give are the ones that have your recipient’s health in mind. During this time of year, when everyone gets more than they really need, give a gift that keeps on giving and focuses on what’s truly important— living our happiest, healthiest life in the New Year.