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8 Routine Habits of Fit People

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8 Routine Habits of Fit People

Have you ever wondered about what it takes to be fit? Sure,
you know about exercising regularly. But leading a fit lifestyle takes a lot
more than just lifting weights at the gym. There are 8 routine habits that fit
people tend to have in common. Try to implement these habits in your own life and
boost your fitness naturally.

1. Eat Breakfast

It’s commonly said that breakfast is the most important meal
of the day. People who are fit take this refrain seriously. They eat breakfast
because they know the many
it offers, like providing the energy needed to get up and get

Skipping breakfast can leave you feeling drained throughout
the day. That feeling is often what keeps people from going to the gym or
working out as intensely as they can. Spare yourself the excuse and give your
body the fuel it needs every day.

2. Stretch Throughout the Day

Stretching isn’t just for before your workout. Your muscles
can stand to be stretched all throughout the day in order to keep them loose,
agile and ready for the many strains and pressures of everyday motion.
Generally fit people have their muscles in mind all the time, so they stretch a

Do side twists in your office chair or shoulder exercises
while you chat at the water cooler. Stop to stretch before and after working
out, as well as when you get up in the morning or get ready to perform a
repetitive task.   

3. Sit Up Instead of Reclining

Although it may seem as if slouching happens as a result of
weak muscles, slouching can actually lead to weaker muscles. People who care
about growing stronger and living a more fit life routinely sit tall in
straight-back chairs, on backless benches, or on exercise balls. That’s because
they know slouching will cause muscles to weaken and relax in positions that
add strain and pressure to the body.

To improve your posture, your health, and your level of
fitness, try practicing some posture-correction

4. Find Fun Ways to Exercise

Even some fit people really don’t love lifting weights or
running on the treadmill – but they still do it. Those same people probably hit
the court for weekly basketball games or swim a few laps just for fun too. Fit
people tend to be active even when they aren’t “working out.” Incorporating fun
fitness gets the body what it needs – and makes exercise enjoyable enough to
boost general activity levels.

5. Use Stress-Reducing Techniques

Getting really stressed out (especially frequently) can
cause muscles to tighten up. As a result, working out becomes harder and more
painful. Growing and getting stronger can also take longer when you always feel

Many people who are in good shape have stress-reducing
techniques. Whether it’s yoga or spending time talking with a friend over
coffee, stress-reducing techniques play a vital and regular role in keeping you
healthy enough to stay fit.

6. Reduce Empty Sugar Intake

A fit person may indulge in sugary treats, but it’s likely
they go for those that offer other valuable nutrients. For instance, a fit
person is more likely to enjoy a dessert loaded with fruit, honey and calcium
than they are in a commercially produced baked good or candy. That’s because
fit people make a habit of getting all the healthy nutrients they can to equip
their bodies for exercise.

7. Sleep Enough

To a fit person, sleep is just as important as exercise and
being active. Fit
people sleep enough
to have the energy they need to be active and for their
bodies to replenish as needed. So, even though you may not expect it, when you
ask a fit person about the secret to their health, they’ll probably include
sleep in their answer.

8. Keep a Structured Schedule

Most fit people have a general daily routine, not just a
workout routine. What does the rest of your day’s schedule have to do with your
fitness? Fit people tend to keep structured schedules as a matter of
self-discipline. Without self-discipline, it’s hard to lead a fit lifestyle.
You’ll tend to make decisions based on what you feel like doing instead of what
you should do.

After a while, you’ll stick to your schedule as a matter of
habit, and in the process things like sleeping enough, eating regular
nutritious meals, and working out become part of your normal day instead of
something you dread or avoid.

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