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30 Really Good Reasons to Exercise Regularly

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30 Really Good Reasons to Exercise Regularly

Do you occasionally binge-workout? Or do you never hit the gym? You probably know it would be good for you to exercise more regularly, but often the hardest part is getting motivated to do it – and to do it consistently. Look no further than this inspiration: 30 motivating reasons to get on an exercise routine.

1. Keeping your entire body active is good for your overall health. Muscles, bones, heart, digestive system… you name it, exercise keeps it healthy.
2. Exercise doesn’t just improve your health now – it ensures it long into the future. Even if you feel healthy now but don’t exercise, your body may suffer health-related consequences later, like having weaker bones.
3. You’ll have fewer colds and flus. A healthy immune system of a healthy, fit body fights germs off better, keeping you from getting sick as often and from staying sick as long.
4. When you exercise regularly, your body will feel tired more naturally, causing you to get better, deeper sleep.
5. Your brain functions better when your body is in shape. For example, adults who routinely work out are likely to experience a boost in their cognitive thinking skills. Working out can also improve memory.
6. Stress is significantly reduced when your body has a natural release through exercise, helping you to deal with the problems in your life more effectively.
7. When your body is in shape, you’ll likely feel more energetic and positive because working out causes your body to release endorphins, which make you feel happy.
8. Getting regular exercise requires building self-discipline that can positively impact other areas of your life. Think about it: if you can get yourself into the habit of going for a run for 30 minutes a day, then you may begin to learn to develop other healthy habits, like eating better.
9. Staying fit can help you to keep your weight down, preventing you from experiencing the negative effects of obesity.
10. Besides helping you to lose weight, exercise helps your body to better process water weight and to gain muscle that replaces fat.
11. Toned muscles can make your skin appear less wrinkly and more even. As a result, you may appear healthier and younger.
12. Sticking to a regular exercise routine gives you a goal to reach almost every day, which means that every workout day you’ll feel accomplished.
13. It’s common to exercise with friends or to make friends at fitness classes, which can improve and build your relationships.
14. When you get fit, you might inspire others around you to get healthier, too. Just think of what it proves to your family and friends. If you can do it, maybe they can too!
15. Exercising can actually get easier the more you do it. Both psychological and physical changes are known to occur when you regularly exercise, and many of those changes make it easier to stay fit once you get fit.
16. It’s fun! There are a lot of different ways to exercise, so it’s really likely there’s at least one form of exercise you’ll enjoy. It may even feel more like a hobby than a workout.
17. It doesn’t have to cost anything at all. Lots of exercises are free to do at home, outside or in groups, giving you a pastime that isn’t expensive.
18. If you keep up a regular exercise routine, you’ll be better qualified to complete goals like running a marathon.
19. As exercise strengthens your muscles, your posture is likely to improve, helping your appearance and confidence.
20. Regular workouts can increase your natural lifespan by years.
21. Working out can lower your risk of having certain diseases like heart disease or high cholesterol.
22. When you exercise, you burn calories so that you can enjoy indulgent foods – like cake! – with less guilt.
23. Once you’re generally in shape, you can tackle more extreme, exciting physical activities like kayaking or rock climbing more safely. If adventurous activities like these excite you, use them as rewards for maintaining a regular exercise schedule.
24. The more regularly you exercise, the more you build endurance. As a result, you’ll be able to push through longer or stressful days with less exhaustion as well, and you’ll be able to handle more intense exercises.
25. If you ever suffer from an injury or severe illness, your physically fit body will have a faster and smoother recovery than it would if you were out of shape.
26. Often, issues of pain, like chronic back pain, are relieved by the strengthening of muscles through exercise.
27. Consistently exercising helps to relieve symptoms of depression. Beyond just helping you to temporarily feel happier, the natural endorphins released through regular exercise can improve your overall mental health.
28. Exercise can combat and delay some of the effects of aging. Natural degeneration of the bones, muscles and bodily tissues is reduced by regular exercise, for example.
29. Once you get your body active everyday through exercise, your body will stay active afterward, increasing your productivity levels. So, if you’d like to accomplish more at work, jumpstart your day with a workout.
30. You’ll notice that regularly exercising helps you to breathe easier – literally. When you exercise, your body takes in more oxygen, helping to improve your circulation and overall health because oxygen is so important. As your lungs have to work to process all that oxygen, they get stronger. Your stronger lungs are less likely to experience lung disease.

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