It’s Normal For Your Belly To Jiggle When You Work Out, So Embrace It

Nov 23, 2016 //

If the idea of baring your tummy makes your stomach churn, you’re not alone. Chances are you’re one of millions of women (and men) who have spent way too much time obsessing over their belly rolls, pinching at their muffin tops or poking at real-or-imagined tummy flab.

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Well, obsess no longer. Frankly, it’s normal for bellies to jiggle when they’re on the go, so why not embrace your #BellyJelly?

That’s the message of a new video campaign from  the Movemeant Foundation, a body-positive organization that encourages self-esteem through physical fitness (what a fabulous idea!).

The video shows women of every shape and size baring their bellies, as they run, dance, swim and partake in various other physical activities. Note that none of these strong, fit ladies appear remotely self-conscious.

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“When you own your belly jelly, you expose your grit, strength, who you are,” the video explains. “When you own your belly jelly, you’re being radically honest and honesty is beautiful. So be beautiful.”

The campaign is proof that you don’t need a washboard stomach or six-pack abs to be healthy, fit, and to love the skin you’re in.

“We challenge the status quo by being radically honest about our bodies. We bare our #bellyjelly to show others that it’s strength, grace and grit that lies underneath,” says Movemeant of the campaign.

“We work hard. We fight hard. We sweat hard. To start a revolution where we feel powerful in the skin we’re in. No matter what that looks like.”

You heard it here first: Go out there and celebrate your wobbly bits!