Foolproof Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions On Track

Dec 28, 2016 //

If you want to reach new fitness heights in 2017, you’ll need more than just a vow to “go to the gym more” and “eat less.”

Here are just a few helpful to keep your New Year’s fitness resolutions on track.

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Start Small And Build Up

When coming up with New Year’s resolutions and/or goals, many people make the mistake of lumping up their to-do list with largely unattainable objectives. Small goals that can be built upon and expanded as the year progresses are the best way to ensure success, particularly with regards to changes in your health and fitness.

That’s because if your goals are overwhelming, you’ll end up abandoning all of them mid-way through. (This can also lead to that dreaded cycle of yo-yo dieting). Avoid the all-or-nothing approach and start with what is reasonable and achievable. This can be even smaller than you’d ever imagined. Rather than embarking on a full-blown fitness regime, decide to start with 10 push-ups every morning, stepping this up to 20 by mid-year. This easy, simple goal is not just realistic, but can motivate you to add more goals as you go on. Pre-made workout challenges can be an excellent way to get started and take the guesswork out for you.

If you are considering a drastic goal, like dropping 50 pounds during the year, I advise that you break this down to 5 pounds a month at most. The next question will be – what will you do to make this become a reality?

Have A Plan

What you fail to plan for planning to fail, it can become your Achilles heel. Make sure you’ll factor in how you’ll get over the pressure of ditching your fitness goals once the excitement of a new regimen has waned; this is where the tough part begins, and where success truly happens. 

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Having a realistic yet concrete plan is the key to success. Whether you’ve carved out a particular gym schedule that works for you, or you’ve decided on cooking X amount of meals at home per week, a plan must be more than simply a desire to “say no” to junk food and “go to the gym more often.” Again, start small with easily achievable, measurable chunks, and build from there.

Verbalize It

Your commitment may have more grit when you’ve let people around you know that you’ve decided on a course of action. Do not expect that you will get applause immediately, as some might scoff while others might be indifferent at your decision, but don’t let the naysayers let you lose your momentum. Surround yourself with positive people who want to see you succeed.

One effect of verbalizing your expectations and objectives is that you make immediately yourself accountable to a certain degree. Some of your family and friends can also lend a hand as support systems if you let them know what is uppermost in your mind. Keeping your goals a secret is counter-productive as it spells out that you desire to have an escape route at some point or give room for an alibi that will not help your defined goals.

Think Of Rewards; Big And Small

The goals you set for yourself have inherent in them a reward. Of course, getting fit in and of itself is an excellent reward; just think of how strong, powerful and capable you will feel (not to mention, confident).

However, some small rewards along the way can also make a big difference. After a month on your regimen, treat yourself to some cute new fitness gear you’ve been eyeing , or a well-deserved spa day. Studies show that small rewards can be big motivators to accomplishing your goal; just make sure your rewards are in line with your goals, as rewarding your hard work with junk food is counter intuitive and self-sabotaging.

Evaluate And Review

You’ll want to find some way to  track your progress, whether it’s pounds on the scale, push-ups accomplished or miles ran on the treadmill. Keep track of your sets, weights and overall gains. There’s no greater feeling than discovering that what was once impossible is now your warm-up! 

Practice Self Love

Change does not happen overnight; it’s a process. Don’t fret if it seems like you are not making remarkable progress at the beginning. It’s consistency that gets the job done. Focus on how you are feeling each day in accomplishing the tasks you set for yourself. When yo have an inevitable setback, don’t fret and quit. Simply get back at it and keep going.

Whether your goal is to shed some weight, gain muscle, get stronger or finally run that marathon this year, remember that you’re doing this because you love your body; not because you hate it. Be kind and take care of yourself. You’ll find it’s much easier to push yourself to where you want to be.