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10 Healthy Potato Salad Recipes

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10 Healthy Potato Salad Recipes

Do you love potato salad, but not the calories? All potato salads are not created equal! And all potatoes are not created equal! Choosing different varieties of potatoes (russet, yellow, red, or sweet potatoes, to name a few), along with organic spices, and quality produce, you can create amazing potato salads for family gatherings; potlucks, picnics, lunchboxes, or an afternoon snack.

Before you begin, it is good to know the correct process for cooking potatoes (so that you keep all the flavor and nutrients, but lose any unwanted chemicals or residues). The best option, if you can, is to buy locally grown organic varieties.  There are over 100 varieties of potatoes on the planet. An amazing tuber that has earned a bad rap as a high calorie food – only when deep fried. Potatoes are 80% water. One medium potato contains 45% of our daily vitamin C, more potassium than a banana, 10% of our daily B6, and other significant trace minerals that support mental and physical well-being. Containing no fat, sodium, or cholesterol, one medium potato is only 110 calories. They are a healthy starch that fuels your body for work and play.  Here are links to some of my favorite potato salad recipes!

Sweet Potato Beauty Detox Salad

Kimberly Smith is my icon. She is totally awesome. She has a rad recipe for everything healthy. Her Sweet Potato Beauty Detox Salad is my all-time favorite. Use organic, locally grown sweet potatoes and other fresh ingredients to ensure a quality salad. Find the recipe at

Trisha’s Sweet Potato Salad

Another yummy sweet potato salad by Food Network’s Trisha Yearwood (she has a great cooking show). This recipe is super easy and takes about 30 minutes to construct. Trisha shares her recipe at

Creamy Potato Salad

A family favorite, this recipe uses creamy Greek yogurt, light mayonnaise, and celery chunks to create a perfect salad. At only 74 calories per ½ cup serving, pair this recipe with your favorite protein for a healthy, satisfying meal. The recipe is at

Greek Potato Salad

Another creamy salad using Greek yogurt, but with a different vibe. There is no mayo in this salad; it relies completely on the yogurt for creaminess. Capers and anchovies, along with the variety of herbs and spices, create a savory flavor.

Lebanese Potato Salad

Easy to make, this salad calls for wholesome russet potatoes. Tossed in a tangy mint and lemon vinaigrette dressing, you’ll love the taste and the healthy benefits of this salad. A 2/3 cup serving has 143 calories. Find the recipe at

Slim And Trim Potato Salad’s version of an all-time favorite begins with sweet peppers (green or red) and savory onions mixed with your favorite potatoes create a salad that won’t spoil your diet; 131 calories per ½ cup serving. This makes a great lunchtime meal. It contains protein and vitamins that will sustain your energy until dinnertime.

Healthy Red Potato And Dill Salad

Just yum. (Reading the recipe title makes my mouth water!) Bite-size red potatoes make a delicious meal that is easy on the eyes. Adding dill creates a satiating fork of decadence.  Leave the skin on red potatoes for extra nutrients and a colorful dish; great for potlucks and family gatherings. Find the recipe at

Quick And Healthy Potato Salad

Better Homes and Gardens provides three variations to this recipe. Begin with red potatoes, yogurt, onion and celery. The variation makes it easy to personalize this recipe. Mix it up with pickles, cucumbers and your favorite variety of grated cheese. Pick one that works for you.

Healthier Old Fashioned Potato Salad

If you like grandma’s high-calorie potato salad, you’ll enjoy this low-calorie favorite much better. It packs all the flavor, just less fat. Add more celery, choose low-fat mayonnaise and use only egg whites to create this delicious alternative. Find the recipe at

Healthy Potato Salad

Baby cream delight potatoes make this salad melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Chives, mustard and honey create, along with other ingredients, creates a light dressing you will love. There is no mayo or eggs in this salad, and substituting the honey for maple syrup, you can make it vegan. You can find the recipe at claireskcreations.

Remember to visit your local farmer’s market for quality organic produce. Many locally grown potatoes lack the pesticides and toxic residue found on store bought varieties. If you do purchase potatoes from a grocery chain, scrub thoroughly before cooking.

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