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10 Healthy Sunday Brunch Recipes

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10 Healthy Sunday Brunch Recipes

There are few things in life as enjoyable as a tasty Sunday brunch. But when you go out for brunch, there can be long lines, crowds to contend with, and menus that generally offer less-than-healthy fare. Skip the chaos and whip up your own healthy brunch with one of these delicious recipes. They’re light on calories, heavy on flavor, easy to make, and sure to please everyone in your family.

1. Maple-Cinnamon French Toast

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Brunch doesn’t need to be a high-calorie affair. Keep it light and simple with this delicious French toast that combines the sweetness of maple syrup with the sass of cinnamon. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare, so you can feel free to sleep in. French toast is a classic that never gets old.

2. Raspberry-Cream Cheese Muffins

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Creamy reduced-fat cream cheese is combined with tart raspberries and crunchy walnuts for this scrumptious breakfast treat. These muffins are yummy enough to pass a kid’s taste-test but healthy enough to serve—and indulge—without guilt.

3. Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

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Breakfast sandwiches can become dangerous when loaded with greasy meat and cheese. Opt for this healthier version and you can have your breakfast sandwich and eat it too.

4. Greek Omelet

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The Mediterranean diet has a good reputation for a reason. It consists of fresh veggies, healthy fats and lots of flavor. This delicious omelet gives you all the restaurant taste of a spinach-and-feta omelet without the extra greasy calories. It has a quiche-like consistency that will leave you satisfied for hours. 

5. Quick Mixed Berry Topping

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This delicious berry topping can go over anything: granola, oatmeal, yogurt, toast, muffins or even a nice angel food cake. This takes five minutes to make, requires three ingredients, and will have everyone coming back for seconds. 

6. Crustless Tomato-Ricotta Pie

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This pie is across between a quiche and a frittata. Equal parts savory, creamy and cheesy, it's a delicious way to start the day. This recipe makes six servings, making it a wonderful entree for your next brunch.

7. Guava and Cream Cheese Pastry

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Feel like getting fancy? This puffy pastry was originally created to be a dessert, but it will work just as well when you’re trying to impress at brunch. You’ll need guava preserves or paste, so you may have to look around a bit. The effort will be worth it, though: it’s a pretty and delicious dish, and your brunch guests will say, “Oh wow, did you make these yourself?”

8. Overnight Breakfast Casserole

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If you want to take all the fuss out of the morning, make this casserole the night before. A high-protein dish that’s loaded with iron and vitamin C, this is a great meal to make when you’re expecting a large group (it makes 10 servings).

9. Baked Oatmeal Casserole

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This recipe is another hybrid that solves your dilemma when you can’t decide between oatmeal or quiche. This is a simple recipe that combines whole grain oats, fresh fruits and a splash of chocolate chips for a crowd-pleasing meal. It’s also a good dish to make once and reheat for days.

10. Sweet Potato Blueberry Waffles

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If you’re tired of plain waffles – or you’re looking for ways to make waffles more healthy – this is the recipe for you. This is basically health food disguised as a waffle, but with the flavor of the delicious, calorie-laden variety. You’re sneaking in a lot of extra vitamins and antioxidants via sweet potato and blueberries – so go ahead and have seconds.

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