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7 Healthy Chicken Curry Recipes Under 500 Calories

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7 Healthy Chicken Curry Recipes Under 500 Calories

There are few dishes as comforting and delicious as a piping hot bowl of chicken curry. But don’t be tempted by  takeout — this dish is super easy to make yourself at home. So why not save some money (and added calories) and whip one up yourself?

If you’re in the mood for something fast, delicious and light, try one of these seven healthy chicken curry recipes.

Equal parts tasty and good-for-you, they’ll have you dashing back to the table for seconds!

1. Healthy Quinoa Chicken Curry Bowl


With 315 calories per serving and only 8.9 grams of fat, consider this dish a go-to when you’re in the mood for comfort food without the guilt. You have two options here: the stovetop or slow cooker. Both are equally delicious and will fill you up with delicious, good-for-you ingredients like eggplant, tomatoes and quinoa. Go as crazy as you want with the toppings and make this a one-of-a-kind meal. (Recipe from

2. Cheaper Chicken Curry


Flavour and substance (402 calories, 10.2 grams of fat) aren’t the only things going for this dish. It’s also a great recipe to make when you’re on a budget. At $2.39 per serving, you can magically serve four people for $10. Don’t let its simple ingredients fool you, though: this dish packs a lot of flavor and will satisfy any curry lover. (Recipe from

2. Thai Chicken Curry


This one-pot meal is a little more indulgent but still within a healthy calorie range at 452 calories per serving and 18.8 grams of fat. It’s as spicy as it is creamy, so remember it for those days when you feel under the weather, and need a kick toward restored health. Coconut milk, sweet potato, green beans and red Thai curry paste are the stars of this deliciously healthy concoction. (Recipe from

4. Low-Calorie Chicken Curry


This low-cal dish (275 calories, 38 grams of fat) is simple to make and combines a lot of bold flavors. Pair it with rice or go all out and serve it with naan. Allow for 10 minutes of prep time and an hour of cook time. (Recipe from

5. Curried Coconut Chicken


If you’re worried that coconut milk adds extra calories and fat grams, think again: this dish clocks in at just 375 calories and 20.9 grams of fat. Creamy, full of tomatoes, and reminiscent of the tropics, make this dish when you’re stuck at home but want to feel like you’re on vacation. (Recipe from

6. One Pot Paleo Chicken Curry Stir Fry


Lighten up traditional curry by turning it into a stir-fry with a mild curry sauce. This dish is packed with nutritious vegetables and flavorful spices. Feel free to experiment with these and other spices to find the perfect flavor for you. (Recipe from

7. Slow Cooker Coconut Curry Cashew Chicken


Here’s another traditional dish lightened up for your eating pleasure. If you want creamy but you also want spicy – and you want yummy but you also want healthy – you’ve come to the right place. This dish mixes up a lot of fun textures: soft potatoes, crunchy cashews, fresh red peppers – yum! (Recipe from

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