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8 Cold Summer Soup Recipes

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8 Cold Summer Soup Recipes

Sipping hot soup from a spoon on a blue skied summer day is like digging into a bowl of frosty ice cream on a harsh cold winter day—it just doesn’t make much sense. Thing is, many of us are fond of various competing spices, the complex range of tastes in a bowl of well prepared soup. Why should we have to sacrifice the masterfully cultivated, timelessly refined tastes of a soup because it’s 10-15 degrees warmer outside? We shouldn’t; and that’s why the culinary geniuses of the world have put their heads together to curate some truly tasty and utterly impressive cold summer soup recipes for your dining pleasure!

Read up, and get a jump on your next, may be your first cold summer soup experience.

1. Chilled Spanish Gazpacho

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This soup is special to summer, and encouraged by the recipe curator as a remarkable showcasing of the flavorful summer vegetables. The ripe red tomatoes in this Spanish inspired gazpacho recipe contain a wealth of Vitamin A and C, and also folic acid. Studies have gone on to show that the regular and adequate consumption of folic acid by women planning on having children, directly contributes toward lessening the risks of their children being born with spinal/brain malformations. Besides the benefits of folic acid, Vitamin C in the red tomatoes combats the negative damaging effects brought on by free radicals.

2. Watermelon Gazpacho

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Yes, it seems we’re keeping in theme with supporting Gazpacho, but this time with a refreshing watermelon twist. Watermelon exercises a profound impact on the health of your digestive system with it’s naturally high water-fiber content, and thus aids in preventing the upbringing of constipation. Plus with hotter temperatures, as we hit mid-summer, 8 cups of watermelon in this recipe are 92% water and also provide a great rush of electrolytes your body needs as you sweat!

3. Chilled Roasted Red Pepper Soup

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This recipe brings together 9 sweet and all parts healthy red bell peppers! What’s more is each bell pepper is famously low in calories; we are talking just 45 calories per pepper. Plus the capsaicin in each red bell pepper is known to provide benefits such as, cutting cholesterol, controlling cases of diabetes, and even reducing pain and inflammation. As a final tip on your preparation process for this delectable soup, we recommend you don’t overcook those bell peppers; when cooked for the right duration of time, red bell peppers manage to keep that sweet tasting goodness they’re so sought after for.

4. Chilled Potato and Leek Soup

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This recipe does away with the heavy and fattening cream ingredient to result in a much healthier final product! In this recipe it’s of worth to note the health benefits brought on by the leeks that are called for. Leeks, which contain kaempferol have been studied and shown to potentially reduce the risk one might run at developing cancer and/or cardiovascular diseases. Outside the realm of benefits provided by leeks, we’ll have you know the chicken stock called for in this recipe contains immune system boosting properties! It’s never an ill time to actively work towards maintaining your good health—hot or cold outdoor temperatures aside!

5. Chilled Cucumber Buttermilk Soup

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For starters the cucumber added in this recipe can act as a quick mood lifter with it’s wealth of naturally occurring B Vitamins. From there, it’s of worth to note that cucumbers, which are 95% water, serve as a profound and effective rehydrating source for those hot summer days you seem to sweat more than anything else.

6. Chilled Southwestern Corn and Steak Soup

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This southwestern inspired soup revs up the spicy scale with addition of some deseeded jalapenos. What’s more is corn serves as a great in-season option, and also the cornerstone of this recipe. We’ll have you know that corn receives a favorable reputation for its healthily low sugar and calories content!

7. Chilled Avocado and Yogurt Soup

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This unique soup draws upon inspiration from the Greek culinary minds of the world, and packs an extra burn to boot with its jalapeno chile ingredient! We’ll have you know the 3 radishes in this recipe provide natural cooling benefits. Yes you read that right, you’ll literally cut your body’s excess heat and cool down as you work your way through this tasty dish!

8. Andrea’s Spicy BLT Soup

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This one is a must try, an immediate winner, an instant success for all the BLT lovers out there! What’s more is you can do away with all the extra carbs brought on by a traditional, bread-included BLT sandwich recipe.

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